Through Uncertainty To New Possibilities.

Liz Massiah provides local Edmonton counselling services. She believes therapy helps us to cope and to develop a stronger sense of possibilities in our lives. We figure out how to make those possibilities a new reality.

Liz believes that each of us knows what we really need, but life events disconnect us from that knowing. The work of therapy is to re-connect us with our sense of self so that we can be as content and healthy as feasible.

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Peace of Mind

Edmonton Counselling Services

Just because your concern is not listed, does not mean we can not work together. The list can be overwhelming, and we still might miss your concern.

Contact Information

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(780) 415 5434

Liz Massiah, R. Psychologist


10706 181 St.

Edmonton, Alberta

Liz would be honoured to talk with you.

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Through Uncertainty

Therapy can shift our stuck sense of not having real options. Together we decide what you want to change, and work towards that goal. read more

What to Expect

We all have struggles in our everyday lives.

Sometimes we need assistance in important events that are troubling but not necessary overwhelmingly traumatic.

We can not make sense of what is actually happening, and the event becomes stuck in our brain, or mind.

Together we try to make sense of this so you are not feeling stuck.


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Things To Consider

Informal Setting

Most people find Liz’s office comfortable and safe. It’s a welcoming space, with a collection of antiques throughout. The office has been designed with an entrance and exit door for your privacy and ease of exit.

Talking Together

Even though we talk about difficult issues, we are usually able to find some humor as well.

Why Liz?

  • Over 37 years of experience,
  • Liz works with both male and female survivors of sexual abuse and assault,
  • also people diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, DID, and additions,
  • she has a long history as a civil rights activist,
  • local Edmonton counselling services.