Operational Stress Injury Counselling Edmonton

Operational Stress Injury

Counselling with Liz

Operational Stress Injury counselling can make a difference. Often people have experiences that do not meet the exact criteria for PTSD or Major Depression. Both have criteria that must be met for the diagnosis to be considered accurate. That does not mean that there are not problems and concerns that can be helped by therapy.

Operational Stress Injury Counselling Edmonton

What does Operational Stress Injury Look Like?

PTSD and major depression can look similar to OSI.

A job that involves reviewing in detail files and identifying problems can lead to emotional stress. However, the reviewer was not involved in the incidents so does not meet the PTSD criteria.

However, there are still many issues, similar to PTSD but not quite.

  • Medical examples might be being diagnosed as pre-diabetic and needing to make changes.
  • Pre-cancerous cells will be treated, but are not yet cancer and still need attention and effective treatment.

Clues or Indicators of Operational Stress Injury

OSI issues and the treatment are similar to PTSD as well as major depression for example:

  • flashbacks,
  • nightmares,
  • intrusive thoughts, avoidance,
  • lack of interest,
  • poor sleep,
  • overeating or undereating.

When Should I Seek Operational Stress Injury Counselling?

You may be also wondering these things. If trying to eat a better diet or exercise more does not seem possible, that is a sign therapy may be needed. If eating better, using less alcohol or drugs, getting more exercise does not help, therapy may be useful.

And yes, diet and exercise are indeed good front-line interventions that can help. Often doctors suggest them before suggesting medications.

When whatever you try does not make a lasting change, when the feedback does not shift that is a sign more is needed. If you don’t think the incident(s) were awful enough, and you are still struggling, consulting a therapist may help sort out what is going on. And the right therapist can do that with you. Likely therapy is a good option if you are also experiencing the following:

  • If you are short-tempered,
  • not sleeping, and
  • just don’t care.

How Will Counselling Help Me?

Talking about struggles is the oldest known form of getting help known to humankind.  We also know there are specific skills that make a difference over the longer time, and that is how therapy can help.  Challenging our negative thoughts, finding meaning in the meaningless with someone who can be a guide makes a real difference. And using skills to actually end the struggles with the awful stuff frees up energy for a life with more possibilities.

Working With Liz

Liz Massiah Edmonton Psychologist

Liz is a registered psychologist in Edmonton, who began her career as a clinical social worker. Liz Massiah considers the impact with social, cultural, familial economic, educational, and other influences. As well as the more individually focused work of psychology to her therapy practice.

Liz has practiced since 1983 here in Alberta.

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