Dealing with Addiction Through Counselling

Dealing with Addictions

Counselling with Liz

Dealing with addiction through counselling while working to settle and manage the urge is often effective.

In EMDR there is a specific protocol the Urge Protocol developed by AJ Popky that is often successful.

Dealing with Addiction Counselling Edmonton

What does Dealing with Addiction Look Like?

Simply put, dealing with addiction can be to almost anything that takes over your life. It becomes a problem when it interferes with ordinary life and the urge to engage in it cannot be overcome.

Drugs and alcohol come quickly to mind, but food, sex, shopping, can become addictive. Now we see people addicted to their cell phones, unable to function without them.

Gabor Mate an expert on addictions describes his own addiction to buying music records. He was consumed by the need.

There are several theories of addiction. AA subscribes to the medical model, seeing it as a disease. Some see it as an allergy that needs “ x” substance to be managed. Mate sees it as issues of attachment and loneliness at least in part.

Clues or Indicators of Dealing with Addiction

It may be hard to identify that a friend or family member is dealing with addiction. For yourself, you may be thinking what once felt like a pleasure is now feeling more like a necessity.

  • lack of control, or inability to stay away from a substance or behaviour
  • declined socialization,
  • abandoning commitments or disregarding relationships,
  • ignoring risk factors, despite the consequences,
  • or experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

When Should I Seek Addiction Counselling?

When whatever you try does not make a lasting change, when the feedback does not shift that is a sign more is needed. It’s time to do the hardest thing of all, it is time to reach out and find ways over, under, around, or through the struggle. And the right therapist can do that with you.

You or someone you know may likely show key personality or behaviour changes. These changes may be sporadic at first. Some of the signs you may need to seek addictions counselling may include:

  • hobbies or activities that used to be important are no longer of interest,
  • changes in sleeping patterns,
  • missing or forgetting important responsibilities,
  • risk-taking inclinations, 
  • disregarding relationships,
  • ignoring the negative consequences of one’s actions,
  • dishonest about the amount of substance used.

How Will Counselling Help Me?

Talking about struggles is the oldest known form of getting help known to humankind.  We also know there are specific skills that make a difference over a longer period of time, and that is how therapy can help. In EMDR there is a specific protocol the Urge Protocol developed by AJ Popky that is often successful. Often trauma is at the heart of addiction and healing that helps with the addiction.

Challenging our negative thoughts, finding meaning in the meaningless with someone who can be a guide makes a real difference. And using skills to actually end the struggles with the awful stuff frees up energy for a life with more possibilities.

Working With Liz

Liz Massiah Edmonton Psychologist

Liz is a registered psychologist in Edmonton, who began her career as a clinical social worker. Liz Massiah considers the impact with social, cultural, familial economic, educational, and other influences. As well as the more individually focused work of psychology to her therapy practice.

Liz has practiced since 1983 here in Alberta.

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