PTSD and Complex PTSD Counselling

PTSD and Complex PTSD Counselling

Counselling with Liz

PTSD and Complex PTSD counselling can make a difference. Events can overwhelm us with fear, horror, disgust and many other strong emotions. They are so strong that we can not process them appropriately and develop symptoms of PTSD.

PTSD and Complex PTSD Edmonton Counselling Services

What do PTSD and Complex PTSD Look Like?

Generally, PTSD describes the impact of one or a few experiences.

Complex PTSD refers to trauma that has been repeated in various forms or in the same form many times. The repeated traumas can all create complex PTSD.

Please see the following list for what PTSD looks like.


  • This may be a single event such as a car crash,
  • a house being destroyed by fire or flood,
  • or a single assault in an otherwise safe life, the examples are many.

Complex PTSD

  • Repeated assaults,
  • combat,
  • peacekeeping with no ability to intervene.
  • Repeated horrid experiences as a first responder or child welfare worker,
  • or being a refugee in a camp, or being homeless, can all create complex PTSD.

Clues or Indicators of PTSD and Complex PTSD

The more symptoms you experience for a longer period of time can indicate you are likely suffering from PTSD. Therefore, you may benefit from PTSD and Complex PTSD counselling. All of the following are signs, especially when they continue for several days or weeks. Everyone’s experience is different, so you may experience some, none or all of these things.

  • Flashbacks,
  • nightmares,
  • avoidance,
  • anger, or anxiety, are some of the symptoms.

When Should I Seek PTSD Counselling?

When the sense of safety in the world is shattered, as is the sense of trust and hope for a good future disappear. If you have tried a better diet, more exercise, good sleep habits, yet no change happens, likely it’s time to get therapy.

And yes, diet and exercise are indeed good front-line interventions that can help. Often doctors suggest them before suggesting medications.

When whatever you try does not make a lasting change, when the feedback does not shift that is a sign more is needed. It’s time to do the hardest thing of all, it is time to reach out and find ways over, under, around or through the struggle. And the right therapist can do that with you. If you are struggling with everyday activities such as the following:

  • struggle to look after yourself,
  • strained friendships or relationships,
  • holding down a job,
  • remembering things,
  • having trouble making decisions,
  • coping with any kind of change,
  • or simply enjoying your leisure time.

How Will Counselling Help Me?

Talking about struggles is the oldest known form of getting help known to humankind.  We also know there are specific skills that make a difference over a longer period of time, and that is how therapy can help.  Challenging our negative thoughts, finding meaning in the meaningless with someone who can be a guide makes a real difference. And using skills to actually end the struggles with the awful stuff frees up energy for a life with more possibilities.

Working With Liz

Liz Massiah Edmonton Psychologist

She is a registered psychologist in Edmonton, who began her career as a clinical social worker. Liz Massiah considers the impact with social, cultural, familial economic, educational, and other influences. As well as the more individually focused work of psychology to her therapy practice.

Liz has practiced since 1983 here in Alberta.

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